Interplanetary Shipyard

Interplanetary Shipyard


Building a more resilient and participatory internet through decentralization

Interplanetary Shipyard is an engineering collective that delivers user agency through technical advancements in IPFS and libp2p.

As the core maintainers of open source projects in the Interplanetary Stack (including IPFS, libp2p, Kubo, Rainbow, Boxo,  and Helia) and supporting performance measurement tooling (Probelab), we are committed to open source innovation and building bridges between traditional web frameworks and the decentralized ecosystem. To achieve this, our engineers work alongside technical teams in web2 and web3 to promote adoption and drive practical applications.

We need your help!

As of January 2024, many of the core maintainers of IPFS and libp2p have begun working as a separate team in the Protocol Labs network. In this next chapter as an independent entity, we are excited to embark upon advancements to the Interplanetary Stack in service of web2 and web3 development teams — and we need your help!

Shipyard depends upon ecosystem sponsorships and partners to keep the promise and potential of IPFS alive for the long term. We're raising $3M in community contributions to sustain our work as technical stewards in 2024. Several mission-critical implementations of IPFS and libp2p will not be maintained after Sept if we fail to raise these funds.