Drive home user options on gateway error pages

What this is

This is largely the culmination of 🔬Self-service tooling for debugging IPFS request handling and 🎋 gateway error pages with a trustless p2p alternative (e.g., Helia) and ensuring it’s exposed to users. Error pages guide a user into determining the problem with their request and what next steps they can take. These include things like:

  1. Inspect the request trace with tooling.
  2. Use a browser-node (Helia)
  3. Use an alternative IPFS implementation (e.g., Kubo)
  4. Use Saturn directly
  5. Use an alternative gateway

Why this is a good idea

This has most of the same reasons listed in the dependency issues. We are using this an opportunity to emphasize user agency and that IPFS isn’t a black box. Users have choice and ways forward.

What we need to do

  • Expose “IPFS Request Traces” in error pages so they can be analyzed by (or do the analysis inline)
  • Update error pages emphasizing options.

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